Dyslexia: The World the Way I See It

Dyslexia is for life. Dyslexic children grow up to be dyslexic adults. It is both a good news story and a bad news story. It is not like childhood asthma - it does not go away.

We know a lot more about dyslexia now than ever before.

There are lots of challenges other than the usual ones such as difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. There is a positive side as well.

The positive features of dyslexia show up more as people mature into adulthood.

We know that dyslexic people often demonstrate strong spatial, visual and 3D skills. They often have the ability to see the big picture, and regularly come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

They are often very empathetic, co-operative and collaborative which makes them great team members.

This three-time award winning documentary about dyslexia explains the challenges and as well as the gifts that are attributed to this learning disability.

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