Alzheimer’s at 30 - Carla’s story

Mum-of-two Carla Bramall began showing the symptoms of dementia at just 30-years-old, and she was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at just 36.

Now 39, Carla is bedbound in a care home, unable to recognise her family or even speak or move her head. The rapid and shocking decline in her health has left her family devastated.

The rare, inherited form of dementia also claimed the life of Carla's father Barry, as well as her granddad and uncle, all in their 40s.

Carla’s mum Rita Pepper and brother Lee Bramall have shared her harrowing story in a bid to raise awareness of the devastating condition © 2014 - All videos published on MedVideos are the property of their respective authors or publisher.