Young Bodybuilder Documents Ovarian Cancer Fight on Instagram

Cheyann Clark, 23, hopes to inspire others after being diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer accounts for about 3% of cancers among women, but it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.

The risk of ovarian cancer increases in women who have ovulated more over their lifetime. This includes those who have never had children, those who begin ovulation at a younger age or reach menopause at an older age. Other risk factors include hormone therapy after menopause, fertility medication, and obesity.

Factors that decrease risk include hormonal birth control, tubal ligation, and breast feeding.

About 10% of cases are related to inherited genetic risk; women with mutations in the genes BRCA1 or BRCA2 have about a 50% chance of developing the disease.

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