Celiac Disease as a Child

Celiac disease (CD) is the most common genetically related food intolerance, worldwide. Celiac disease is a multifactorial, autoimmune disorder that results from the response of the immune system to the ingestion of gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. This immune response causes inflammation and damage to the small intestine that can ultimately lead to malnutrition and poor health. The genes which must be present in order for celiac disease to develop are inherited; therefore it is found to occur at a significantly higher rate among first-degree relatives of those who have the condition.

Celiac disease is a life-long condition, but it is manageable through permanent modifications to the diet. Simply put, anyone with celiac disease must adhere to a gluten free diet.

In this video, Ireland shares her journey to discovering her diagnoses of Celiac Disease.

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