Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease: Chris's Story

They call it the long goodbye. People with Alzheimer's disease slowly but surely slip away, losing their memory and, often, their personality.

They forget their families, and their loved ones barely recognise the person they once knew.

It begins with simple things: losing keys, forgetting names, struggling to focus on daily tasks.

At first it can be explained by being busy or stressed but, over time, it gets worse until absent-mindedness gives way to total absence. It can be a long, cruel downward slide.

We often think of Alzheimer's as a disease of old age, not least because diagnosis usually comes late in life. But early-onset Alzheimer's disease affects millions of people around the world.

Chris was diagnosed at the age of 43. Her mother and sister both developed Alzheimer's at an early age.

This video was put together by her husband to record their relationship but it also documents her decline. Watch it.

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