How Do Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Differ?

Both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), however, there are distinct differences between these diseases.

The following table provides some fast facts on the differences between CD and UC:

Ulcerative ColitisCrohn's Disease
Diffuse, continuous diseaseSegmental disease
Rectal involvementVariable rectal involvement
Disease worse distallyVariable disease severity
No fissuresFissures, sinus, fistula
No transmural aggregatesTransmural lymphoid aggregates
No ileal involvement (exception: "backwash")Ileal involvement, Upper GI involvement
No granulomasGranulomas
Strongly associated with smoking Smoking appears to protect against disease
Onset: 15-40 years Onset: 15-40 years
Superficial InflamationTransmural inflammation
More common in men than in womenAffects men and women equally © 2014 - All videos published on MedVideos are the property of their respective authors or publisher.