Monsters Inside Me - Leishmaniasis Of The Face

A trip through South America takes a potentially deadly detour when Adam Spencer develops a serious wound on the side of his face.

See how a humble sand fly bite developed into Leishmaniasis and altered the course of Adam's everyday life.

Leishmaniasis is a disease that is spread by female phlebotomine sand flies. It is caused by a number of different species of the Leishmaniaparasite.

There are three types of leishmaniasis: cutaneous leishmaniasis, mucocutaneous leishmaniasis (also called mucosal leishmaniasis) and visceral leishmaniasis (also called kala-azar). Cutaneous leishmaniasis, which affects the skin, is the most common type of leishmaniasis.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis usually appears weeks or months after a bite from an infected sand fly, but might even occur years later. It causes sores, like scabs or ulcers, on the skin. Lymph nodes near the sores may be swollen. The sores, which can be painful or painless, usually take months or years to heal and usually leave scars. © 2014 - All videos published on MedVideos are the property of their respective authors or publisher.