Can Dogs Really Detect Cancer?

The dog’s nose is an amazing organ, with abilities and features far superior to our own in many ways.

A dog’s sense of smell is on average 10,000 to 100,000 times superior to that of humans. Today, the dog’s extraordinary olfactory abilities are put to a lot of human uses. Dogs can easily find explosives or illegal drugs, but mounting evidence points to another helpful job for man’s best friend: finding cancers before they cause any symptoms.

New research out of Italy demonstrates that dogs can detect prostate cancer from smelling the urine of men with the cancer with at least 98 percent accuracy. Using dogs to recognize cancer might help reduce the number of biopsies and better pinpoint patients at high risk for the disease, Dogs are trained to ignore negative samples and would sit or lay down in front of the positive cancerous samples. Dogs are then rewarded with a clicker and food rewards. © 2014 - All videos published on MedVideos are the property of their respective authors or publisher.