What We Know About Autism

Wendy Chung of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative says that she is constantly asked the same question by parents: “Why does my child have autism?” It’s a question that plagues them whether their child has a severe form of autism, to the point of being non-verbal, or a mild one.

In the video Dr. Chung discusses topics ranging from reasons for the rising autism prevalence to the disorder’s complex heterogeneity and the emerging role of genetics.
Autism isn’t a single condition. It’s actually a spectrum of disorders,” says Chung. “And like it is a spectrum of disorders, it has a spectrum of causes.”

Focusing on some of the suspected causes of autism, Chung stated clearly that no credible scientific studies exist showing a link between vaccines and autism. She also explored sex differences in autism, the importance of early detection for the best chance at intervention and the future of treatments.

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