Chronic Fatigue - 4 Possible Causes

People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) often feel so tired that they can't do even half of their normal daily activities. Even the smallest physical exertion can put the sufferer in bed for days. There is no official clinical test to make a firm diagnosis of CFS.

Diagnosis is based on ruling out other possible causes, including:

With Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid disease, the thyroid fails to produce sufficient thyroid hormone to regulate metabolism. Symptoms of the resulting underactive thyroid usually include some complaint of fatigue or depression. Many doctors still fail to diagnose the signs of Hashimoto's disease, or rely only on one test to diagnose the condition. Standard thyroid tests fail to detect tissue hypothyroidism 80-90% of the time in patients with CFS.
vitamin D is not a regular vitamin. It's actually a steroid hormone that you get primarily from either sun exposure or supplementation, and its ability to influence genetic expression that produces many of its wide-ranging health benefits. Feeling tired and achy are classic signs of vitamin D deficiency. The remedy is a combination of vitamin D and calcium.

Carnitine is essential for mitochondrial energy production. Disturbance in mitochondrial function may contribute to or cause fatigue. Orally administered L-carnitine is an effective medicine in treating the fatigue seen in a number of chronic neurologic diseases.

Gluten intolerance
Chronic fatigue is often linked to gluten intolerance, the most severe form of which is celiac disease. So if you are looking for a possible solution to this problem, one option is to try going gluten-free for a few weeks and see if it makes any difference. © 2014 - All videos published on MedVideos are the property of their respective authors or publisher.